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Training Day

NHSF (UK) September Committees’ Day 2014

Sep 26, 2014 |

On Saturday 13th September, 42 NHSF (UK) chapter committee members were pushing the boundaries by developing essential skills, networking and working together so they could become better leaders at their university.

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NHSF (UK) June Committees’ Day 2014

Jul 10, 2014 |


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September Committees’ Day 2013

Sep 7, 2013 |

By Nirmol Deb
NHSF Web & Marketing Team

That time of the year is fast approaching where NHSF (UK) committees of the 2013-2014 are preparing to embark on their journey with their respective chapters. This year is no doubt going to bring about the best possible experience and insight into the beautiful and vibrant world of Hindu Dharma for NHSF (UK) members and the wider university population alike.

As a chapter committee member from the year gone I can assure you that the journey is not without its obstacles. However, collectively, the joy and pride that will be attained when these hurdles are passed are impossible to describe accompanied by the experience, memories and life long friendships that you will make. September Committees’ Day (SCD), as it did for me, will provide you the platform to develop yourself individually and as a team.

On the National Committee, we know how dedicated chapter committee members are in making the year ahead special. The drive that was already evident during June Committees’ Day is incredibly inspiring and we want to help channel that commitment further to deliver practical outcomes.

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June Committees’ Day 2013

Jun 8, 2013 |


As we begin another year at the National Hindu Students’ Forum (NHSF) (UK), it provides us the perfect opportunity to reflect and re-energise the work we do. Just over 21 years ago, NHSF (UK) joined the movement to preserve Hindu Dharma in the UK. Since then, thanks to the incredible efforts made by all NHSF (UK) committee members, we have come a long way in achieving this vision.

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Inseption, September Committees Day 2012

Aug 14, 2012 |

By Kiran Patel
Campus Coordinator

As National Hindu Students Forum (NHSF) (UK) committee members, interpersonal skills are constantly put to the test whether it is at local, national or international level. NHSF (UK) realise the importance of this and are therefore providing an opportunity for all committee members to a day dedicated to personal development, leadership building and public speaking.

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