Conquering the Corporate World

In Conquering the Corporate World, NHSF (UK) explores how leaders in the corporate world have excelled in their industries. We further analyse how Hindu dharma and culture has grounded them as well as helped propel their careers and lives. 

We are joined by Devyani ji Vaishampayan, Managing Partner of The HR Tech Partnership, and Janhavi ji Dadarkar, Chief Executive Officer at Maiora.

Technology: Man’s new best friend?

In Technology: Man’s new best friend, we analyse the ever growing prominence of technology in today’s society and the implications of this on individuals, and society collectively. Could innovation in technology change human interactions as we currently know them?


We are joined by Tushar ji Bhatnagar, founder of Alpha AI, and Paven ji Sharma, Product Services Manager and Legal Engineer at Pinsent Masons who look at the future of technology.


Creating change through creativity 

In Creating change through creativity, we explore the Hindu narrative in the Arts industry, and how creativity allows us to become the best versions of ourselves. We are joined by Anaya ji Vasudha Bolar, a Birmingham based Bharatnatyam dancer, trained by her mother and guru Smt. Chitralekha Bolar, and Aditya ji Patwardhan, owner of Mithraspect Pvt Ltd (a film & media production company), and a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, to unearth the power of the Arts.





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