Serving Our State

Join us as we bring to light the varying nature of public sector careers, how our public servants embody sewa in their daily jobs, and why they are so valuable to our society. How can Hindus practice dharma and champion our identity through public sector careers?

We are joined by Rajesh ji Singh, an elected Councilor from Reading Borough Council and West Reading Conservative Association’s Deputy Chair for Politics & Campaign, to shed some light on this.

 Science X Dharma – converging or colliding?

Join us as we discuss how Hindu dharma and our tradition is incorporated into modern day science, and how the similarities massively outweigh the differences. We are joined by Professor Nawal ji Prinja, Director of Technology at Jacobs Clean Energy Limited, to discuss whether Hindu rishis were in fact the first scientists of our civilisation.


Wealth or Wellbeing – A dive into the meaning of success

Join us as we investigate and navigate the many definitions of success in Wealth or wellbeing: a dive into the meaning of success, and how we can apply our Dharmic principles to the Western notion of success. We hear from Ravi ji Sidhoo, Managing Director at Cynergy Bank, and Ramesh ji Pattni, Vice-President and Trustee at Chinmaya Mission UK, who explore whether money is the root of all happiness.






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